We realise that as part of setting up and training, or transition to a new curriculum, staff may wish to add 'practice' assessments to the markbook. Please follow the instructions below.

The Markbook

When you record any assessments in the markbook, they are immediately saved. Therefore it is important to ensure that any practice takes place in a subject or an ability level where no assessments have previously been recorded. It will then be possible to set all assessment tiles back to 'unassessed' at the end of the practice session by selecting the coloured tiles and setting them to 'unassessed'. Remember you can select multiple tiles by clicking in them, a whole row by clicking the objective or a whole column by clicking the pupil's name.

Please follow this link for general help on using this markbook

Class Markbook (Legacy)

As with The Markbook, we would recommend that any practice assessments are only recorded in subjects or ability levels where no previous assessment has been recorded. In this way all tiles can be set back to their 'unassessed' state before you leave the markbook. When assessments are recorded in the Class or Pupil markbook, there is some infrequent automatic saving. If you do not press the 'Save Markbook' button before exiting the markbook, you may find that no assessment markbook judgements are recorded. If you find that colours have been recorded on the  markbook, you can set these back to unassessed by clicking through individual tiles or by right clicking to select whole rows or whole columns then pressing 'U'.

Please follow this link for general help on using the legacy class markbook

NB You should always make sure that the assessments are deleted in the same calendar month that they were added to avoid issues with tracking.