The Assessment Summaries in Classroom Monitor allow you to export your markbook assessment and photos uploaded as evidence into pdf outputs which can be shared electronically or printed.


Pupil Assessment Summary

View a summary of assessments made in the markbook over a particular timeframe for individuals. These can be used to easily print out targets for a pupil, for parents or as part of pupil progress meetings

Class Assessment Summary 

View a summary of assessments made for individuals in a group in one document.

Assessment Progress Report

For showing a pupil's progress over time in the objectives that they have been assessed in. Great for showing the progress of pupils at a granular level and identifying issues. Many schools find it particularly useful for showing the progress of children with SEND who may not be making rapid progress at the score level.

Learning Journey

Outputs the photos and associated notes that have been attached to objectives for individual pupils to give an overview of each child's learning. Some schools also use these for creating an example portfolio of learning for a subject.

Have a look through the linked pages to find out more about each of these assessment summaries.