You can use the Test and Assessment Import Tool within you Classroom Monitor admin account to import GL Progress test data. The steps below will support you with completing this import.

Extracting and Preparing your Raw Data for Import.

Before importing into Classroom Monitor, you will need to export the Progress Test scores from the GL online system into excel. You may need to export English, Maths and Science results separately. If you are unsure how to export your data from GL we recommend you speak to GL Customer Support on 0330 1235375.

The exported spreadsheet will have many columns, but not all of these are required to import into Classroom Monitor. You can remove all unnecessary columns from the excel spread sheet to make this process much easier.

You will need to retain the forename and surname column, and the Student ID column. Any import into Classroom Monitor uses pupil ID numbers as the unique value to identify a pupil. For the import to be successful the ‘Student ID’ within the GL export MUST match the number being used in the ‘UPN’ field within your Classroom Monitor account. If these numbers do not match, you will need to add the correct Classroom Monitor ID number to your excel spreadsheet prior to import.

The tables below detail which scores can be imported into Classroom Monitor for each of the Progress Tests, these are the columns you may wish to retain in your excel sheets. The tables also confirm the accepted mark range for each. You can choose to import some or all of these areas depending on your preferences.

Please ensure that the excel sheet has a single row of column headings and these are all in row ‘A’.
DO NOT split data for classes or year groups across multiple tabs within the excel sheet.
All data you are looking to import must be on a single tab.

The excel sheet then needs to be saved as a .CSV file. To do this, select to save within Excel, choose your location and select “CSV (Comma Delimited)” from the ‘Save as Type’ drop down as shown in the image below.

Importing your Data into Classroom Monitor

Step 1) Login to your Admin Account

Log into Classroom Monitor through your Administrator account. You cannot import data through a 'teacher' account.

From the homepage click on the hexagon for 'Data Management' and then select the option for 'Test & Assessment Import'

This will take you to the Test and Assessment Import Tool.

Step 2) File Preparation Screen

On the ‘File Preparation’ screen
  1. select ‘GL Progress Tests’ from the Curriculum Selection drop down.
  2. Tick ‘Import results as Points’
  3. Click on ‘Browse’ and select your.CSV file.
  4. Click ‘Upload File’
  5. Click ‘Next’

Step 3) Import Configuration Screen

The following screen requires you to confirm the information you are choosing to import, where you are importing this to, and when this relates to.

The left hand column (highlighted in the image to the right) details all of column headings from your .CSV file. The central column of drop down menus allows you to map this information to the corresponding destination within Classroom Monitor.

Locate the column called ‘Student ID’, and map this to the ‘UPN’ field in Classroom Monitor. This will mean data is imported against the correct pupil.

Map each of your test score columns to the appropriate fields within Classroom Monitor. For example map the ‘Standard Age Score’ for your Progress Test in English, to ‘PTE (Overall) - SAS’. You can map some, or all, of the areas depending on which you wish to import.

The right hand column allows you chose the date against which you are importing the data. You can enter an individual date for each of the subject areas, or most likely apply the same date for all the scores within this import.

To add the same date for all. Select your chosen date from the top of the column and the select ‘update rows’. This will enter the same date for all areas which have been mapped.

*** Please note you can only import for one test date, for each area, at one time. If you wish to import progress test data for May 18 and May 17 and so forth, this would be a separate import. You can use the same file, but would need to map your 2018 columns, set the date and complete the import, then repeat your 2017 columns . 

Once the above is all completed click ‘Next’ at the foot of the page.

Step 4) Preview and Validation Screen

The next screen, ‘Preview and Validation’, shows you all of the results that are about to be imported. Each score is colour-coded:

  • Green indicates a score is valid and ready to be imported;
  • blue indicates a score is already present and will be overwritten by this import;
  • red indicates that either no score is recorded in the CSV file, or this is an invalid value.

If there are a significant number of red values, check your .CSV carefully, make your corrections and begin the import process again.

If all looks to be correct, click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5) Confirmation Screen

On the 'Confirmation Page' please read the information carefully. If you are happy to proceed enter the Administrator password and tick ‘I agree to import these results into Classroom Monitor’.

You can now click ‘Import Results’ .

The results will import and you will receive a message to confirm this has been successful.

Viewing the Data in Classroom Monitor.

Once the import is completed you can view your data by logging into Classroom Monitor using your teacher account.
Select the 'Attainment and Progress Module', select 'Pupil Tracking, and choose your pupils. Under select 'Subject' choose ‘GL Progress Tests’ as your curriculum. You can select one, two or all of the tests and any related scores to view.

Once you have generated the Pupil Tracking Table, you will see the test results displayed. If you wish you can display GL Data alongside other curricular and assessment data within Classroom Monitor. This is especially useful to triangulate internal teacher assessment with external summative data.