Why is it important?

Teachers need groups assigned to them to be able to load up markbook and make assessments for pupils.  This will also affect the groups that teachers have available to them on the app.  Without being assigned to specific groups, teachers will not be able to perform analysis in other areas of the system that requires individual groups.

How To Assign Groups

Assigning teachers to classes can be done in two ways.  

Option 1: Edit the users

Login as admin and select Management>User Management

Then by clicking 'edit' next to the user you wish to assign groups to.

You will need to go to section 6. Groups visible to this user.  

The steps to assign a group to a user are:

  1. Tick the group in the list of Section 6.
  2. Press the add to list button.
  3. The group will appear in section 7. Once the group is in section 7 and ticked, the teacher has access to the group.
  4. Press save to confirm the changes

Option 2: Edit the groups

Login as admin and select Management>Group Management

From here you will see a list of all the groups in your school. To change the teachers that can access them you will need to click the edit icon.

This will take you to the group record.  You will see a list of all the teachers in the school in the “Group Visible to” section.  

The steps to assign a teacher to a class:

  1. Tick the box for the teacher/s in the can access group column.
  2. Ensure the correct teacher is set as the group teacher. Only one teacher can be the group teacher.
  3. Save to confirm changes.