Why is it Important?

Email addresses function as an alternative username and allow teachers to reset their passwords independently through a password reset email if they are struggling to log in.  If a teacher or whole school changes email address, then emails on accounts will need to be changed as well. 

How to update email addresses

This is done in the User Management area under the Management section of the admin account. 

This will take you to a list of all users in the school.

You will be able to tell which teachers have an email by looking at the 'Send Password Email' column.  Those who are greyed out do not have an email and you will not be able to put a tick in the box. To assign an email, or change an existing one, for a teacher you will need to click the icon in the 'Edit' column.

You will then be able to assign an email address in section 4 of the user record.

It is important to note that the same email address can not be used for two different accounts.  If you have the admin account and a teacher account, it will require two different emails.  However, the admin does not need an email on their teaching account as they are able to reset user passwords through user management.