How Do I Download a Pupil's Assessment Summary?

Click on the 'Download' icon in their row

How Do I Download All of the Assessment Summaries Displayed?

You can download them all into a zip file by pressing the 'Download All' button.

Why are Some Pupils Missing?

Assessment summaries will only be generated for pupils with assessments that fit the selections that you made on the previous page. Go back and check your selections

Why Have No Files Been Generated?

There is no data for any pupils based on your selections. Go back and make adjustments to your selections.

A Pupil Was There But They Have Now Disappeared From The List

Once you download an assessment summary for a particular pupil they will be remove from the list. You should find the downloaded document again or return to the previous screen and generate again.

Can I Edit an Assessment Summary?

As they are generated as PDF documents, the only way to edit them is to change your selected options or use a PDF converter. The written reports area allows you to produce reports that you can edit.