When you click a report icon under a pupil's name in the Class Markbook or under a subject in the Pupil Markbook you will be taken to that child's current report for the selected subject. This enables you to view and edit comments for that subject.

Class Markbook:

Pupil Markbook:

At the top of the Report Editor screen you will see some controls:

  • Select group: Select from the dropdown to switch to a different group.
  • Pupil: Select from the dropdown to switch to a different pupil in the selected group.
  • Reporting Session: Select from the dropdown to switch to a different reporting session.

In the main part of the screen, you will see:

Subject title

Current score: The attainment score currently stored for the pupil for that subject.

Main comment box

Target comment box

You will then notice some buttons down the side of each box which are explained below.
SB: Gives access to the
Statement Bank
Plus icon: To add
Additional Grades
Tick box: When you are happy that a subject report for a pupil is complete, tick next to the subject report and it will be ticked as 'complete' on the  
Write Reports screen so that you can keep a track of where you are up to in your report writing. It is advisable to spell check the section before marking it as complete.

You cannot view other subjects or switch between them in this version of the report editor. If you want to write more subject comments then you may prefer to access the report editor through the Write Reports screen.