Welcome back! We hope that you've had a restful break and are ready and raring for the new year. We've created this page to help you to get going again with Classroom Monitor. We've also created a September checklist for CM Leaders to use.

Logging In

  • If you've forgotten your password over the holidays then don't worry, you can reset it by following the instructions on the Forgotten Password help page.
  • If you're a new user- welcome! The person in charge of your school's Classroom Monitor admin account will be able to give you your username and password. (user management instructions for Admin) When you've got your login details, you can use the following link for help on using your teacher account.

Accessing this year's teaching groups

  • In most cases, you shouldn't need to do anything. Your centrally assigned class or teaching groups should already have been linked to your user account. This may have been done automatically through syncing with your school's Management Information System (MIS e.g. SIMS, Integris, iSAMS) or your Classroom Monitor admin user will have set these up.
  • If  you aren't attached to any group in the MIS (e.g. job shares, PPA teachers, SLT) groups will need to be manually assigned by the Classroom Monitor admin user (Help on User Management for admin).
  • Remember that users can also create their own groups. This can be useful for assessing and tracking in-class groups, intervention groups, sets etc. Visit the group management help page for instructions on how to do this and also how to remove last year's groups that you no longer need.

Your Assessment Framework

  • Classroom Monitor can be used with many different assessment frameworks and it is likely that you have a number of these active in your Classroom Monitor account. Make sure that you start your assessments in the correct one!
  • You may find that your framework has changed slightly over the summer as many schools have been customising their assessment frameworks. If anything isn't clear about how it is now working, your school admin user will be best placed to answer your questions.

Viewing last year's markbook assessments for your new teaching groups

When assessments are made for a pupil, these are saved against their personal record. This means that any Classroom Monitor user who has access to a group will be able to see the markbook assessments saved last year or in previous years. To access assessments that were made previously, in most instances, you will simply need to load the stage below in the markbook menu screen. You will find more information on the Markbook help pages.

Looking at previous tracking data

You can access historically saved data for any group just by selecting them in Attainment and Progress and selecting the dates that you want to view. Please visit the generating a table help page for more information about this. If you want to view data for a group that existed last year but not this year, in 'Select Pupils' you can use the 'Academic year' dropdown to select a previous academic year- this will then show you the groups that existed in that academic year. If pupils are appearing in the data who have left or you do not want to see, you should untick these from the pupil list that is generated when you select the group. Please note that the Attainment and Progress reports are designed to work for the current academic year only at the moment so will not be useful for historic data.

Making the Most of Classroom Monitor this Year

  • The CM Academy gives you a comprehensive bank of training resources to make sure that Classroom Monitor has maximum benefit in your school
  • Remember that Classroom Monitor works best if you record your formative assessment little and often. Then you can use it to inform your planning and enhance progress.
  • Make sure that you have a relevant graph showing on your homepage favourites to save you time with data analysis.
  • If you aren't happy with your assessment framework, then have a discussion in school about how you want to change it before the school year really gets going. You can edit your existing framework or add your own using the Customisation tool and we also have a number of off the-shelf-frameworks available.
  • You could simplify how you report on attainment and progress by using your formative assessment data to inform and record a summative judgement.
  • Keep an eye on our weekly webinar schedule. These are online sessions where we focus on a particular part of Classroom Monitor and give you the opportunity to ask questions. 

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