Curriculum customisation is available to all schools on a subscription basis. To customise an existing framework you will need to be logged in as the school admin user. 

When editing objectives, you have the opportunity to view and edit the Advanced Options if you choose. In most cases you will not need to change these but each field is explained below for your information. If you do make any changes, these will only apply to the selected objective and will need to be applied to other objectives as necessary.


Weight: The weight of an objective governs the impact it has on the scoring for that subject. The default weight is 1 for all objectives. If you want to be able to assess against an objective but do not want it to count towards the overall score, you should set its weight to 0. If you would like an objective to carry more weight than other objectives, then you can set its weight to a number up to 10.

Sequence Number: This shows a sequence number relative to the other objectives in this subject. If you want to change this, you are advised to follow the instructions on the Editing objectives help page.

Subject: Click in this box to move the objective to a different subject. This can be a subject in the same curriculum or a different curriculum. If you move an objective, it will be removed from the current subject.

Is KPI: When generating Assessment Summaries, it is possible to focus on a subset of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Use this option to set key objectives as KPIs.

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