** N.B. The migration tool was primarily designed to enable existing Classroom Monitor users to transfer their markbook assessments in NC2000/APP into a starting point in the Rising Stars Progression framework. The translation between levels and Rising Stars scores in this tool was intended as a rough guide that would work across all key stages, not a definitive solution. If you have not already performed Assessment Migration at this point (Nov 16) we would suggest that you consider it carefully before doing so. Please read the information on the adding a baseline page as an alternative way forward.**

To migrate data to the Rising Stars NC14 Progression Framework, you must login as admin and navigate to Curriculum Settings -> Assessment Migration, then choose the year group that you wish to migrate. Classroom Monitor gives you the option to migrate a year group at a time so that you can choose to continue assessing using levels for as long as you wish for the year groups you do not migrate. For example, it is possible that most English primary schools will choose to keep years 2 and 6 using levels for the academic year 2014-15.

N.B. Migrating assessment data does not affect the APP or National Curriculum area in which that assessment data was recorded. The migration tool simply copies the assessment data to the new curriculum and adjusts it based on the mapping tables below. Your NC / APP assessment data will always remain untouched.

Login as administrator and access the Curriculum Settings -> Assessment Migration

What Will Be Migrated, and to Where?

Markbook Assessments (Target / Almost / Met judgements)

Based on a map of NC2000 <-> APP <-> NC2014 assessment criteria markbook recent assessments will be migrated to the Rising Stars NC2014 markbooks. Download the mapping documentation.


Based on a map of NC Levels <-> NC2014 Stages, a complete history of summative assessment data will be copied to the new curriculum and converted to Stages (or the terminology that you have chosen in ‘Assessment Terminology’). Download the mapping documentation

This was intended as a rough guide not a definitive translation.

To migrate a year group, simply click the appropriate ‘Migrate’ button. This will start a process which should only take a few minutes, but could take up to two hours. Once this process is complete the page will be updated with the completion time of the assessment migration. Once this is completed teachers can login and access assessment data via the Assessment Markbooks as well as the Attainment and Progress area.

This approach is designed so that each year group is only migrated to NC14 a single time. If you attempt to migrate a year group a subsequent time, a message will appear:

"This year group has already been migrated on [start date / time from log] – migrating assessment data will overwrite anything previously migrated for this year group. Are you sure you want to continue?"

Choosing 'Yes' will overwrite all assessment data previously migrated for the selected group.

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