You must be logged in as Admin to set up Reporting Sessions in Classroom Monitor

Written reporting sessions organise written comments into the correct reports. One written reporting session is generated for each school every academic year so if you only send written reports once a year, you will not need to do anything. However, if you send written reports more than once a year, each one will need its own reporting sessions to be set up.  

1. Login as admin

2. Open the Reporting Sessions menu and click on Reporting Sessions.

3. On the "Reporting Management" screen you can see a list of any existing reporting sessions and whether they are written or online reporting sessions.

  • To edit an existing reporting session, you should click on the blue 'Edit' button at the end of the row.
  • To create a new reporting session, you should click the green 'Create A New Session' button at the bottom of the screen. The remainder of this page will take you through the steps required to setup your written reporting session.

4. Written sessions are set up on this Session Details screen

  • Session Name: Needs to be meaningful to teachers so that they can select it when writing reports.
  • Academic Year: This will default to the current academic year but you can choose previous ones if necessary.
  • Reporting Type: Select 'Written' (Cannot be edited once created)

5. Press the green 'Create Session' (or 'Save changes' if editing an existing session).

6. Teachers will be able to select this new session when writing reports

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