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You must be logged in as a teacher/SLT member to access the Markbooks in Classroom Monitor

You can choose to attach resources to assessment criteria within any framework in Classroom Monitor. If you attach a resource to an objective, any user within your school will be able to access it if they view a relevant markbook. This means that yourself and colleagues will be able to easily find and share resources by using Classroom Monitor as a highly organised, central resource bank for your school. These can be resources that you have created or adapted as well as links to resources on the internet.

Each objective will have either a star icon to show that it already has resources attached or a plus icon to show that there are currently no resources. To add a resource, you need to click on the star or plus symbol next to the relevant objective.

The Evidence and Resources screen will appear. To add your resource, you will need to complete the following fields:

Objectives selected: If you open this blue bar you can add other relevant objectives if you wish.

What are you adding? You should click on either Teaching Resource of Learning Resource as appropriate.

Evidence/ Resource Type: Choose Notes, Photo, Document, Lesson Plan, Internet Link, Video or Sound Recording from the dropdown.

Notes: Type in the box to add information about the resource. If it is an internet link, you should copy and paste the page address into the box (i.e. http://www....)

Recorded Date: This will be automatically set to today’s date – you can adjust this by clicking on the small calendar icon.

Upload File: Follow the same steps you would use to find the file from your computer in other programmes. Please note that there is a maximum individual file size of 40MB.

Once these steps have been completed, you can press save. You will see a message at the top that the resource has been added successfully. added will be highlighted with a star against the assessment objective:

N.B. Visit Online Reporting to Parents to find out how learning resources can be added to parental reporting sessions.

To view this help as a video, please click here.

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