What are the SEN Toolkits?

The A2E SEN Toolkit 2018 is designed to be used in primary settings with pupils in Year 1 or above who are working significantly below the expected level for their age, and are not making progress towards closing the gap. The toolkits are for Language & Literacy and Maths and the full package from A2E consists of assessment frameworks along with teaching and learning resources. Only the assessment frameworks are available in Classroom Monitor and not the resources. The frameworks support clear identification of strengths and weaknesses of a pupil, and assist in the provision of well targeted support.

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The A2E SEN Toolkit 2018 is the updated version of The Pupil and School Support SEN Toolkits. It has been updated to incorporate the new pre-key stage standards. Explicit references are given in the objectives to these standards (e.g. S2). 

Subject Coverage and Structure

In Classroom Monitor, you will find the Language & Literacy Continuum and the Maths Framework. Each is split into a series of subject areas with three subjects within Language & Literacy and two within Maths. There is a Classroom Monitor markbook for each subject area. Each subject has a number of strands which are each focused on a specific theme. Details of the subjects and strands are in the tables below.

Ability Levels

Each framework is split into 16 ability bands, running from the equivalent of pre-key stage Standard 1 to end of year 6 age related expectations. The table below shows the approximate equivalence between each band and the pre key stage standards it relates to along with the approximate National Curriculum age related expectation. This can be useful to identify the relevant band to start to assess pupils as well as to be able to translate attainment in the toolkit to an approximate score in a mainstream framework if that is appropriate in your school. 

Overall Assessment Outcomes - Terminology*

Pupils’ overall scores are returned as 'percentage coverage of the Markbook' for the respective ability band e.g. 78% of Band 3. You can view these in the Attainment and Progress areas of Classroom Monitor. Percentages are calculated based on the teacher assessment which is added to the tiles in the markbook and the respective weightings for each.

Markbook Terminology and Weightings*

The markbooks use a traffic light system to reflect the pupils level of attainment for each statement. Each colour carries a different meaning and each carries a different weighting forward to the calculation of the overall assessment outcome. The default terminology and weighting for the SEN Toolkit is shown in the image below.

*Please note that while the weightings have been built to reflect the A2E frameworks there is the possibility of customising them for your school if required. Please read these pages on customising Classroom Monitor to find out more about these options and the impact they will have.

The Calculation Explained

To calculate a score for an individual, Classroom Monitor will look at the highest band that they have assessment recorded in. It does not take into account any lower bands which the pupil may or may not have completed. Information in the Assessment Markbooks and Assessment Summaries can provide a detailed overview of achievement in all bands.

The calculation uses the total number of statements within the band, checks how many statements are set at each of the assessment judgements (hexagon colours), and then uses the respective weightings to calculate the overall percentage coverage of the content within that band.

For ‘Speaking and Listening’ at Band 5, the total number of objectives in the markbook is 10. A pupil has:

  • 4 green ‘Met’ hexagon judgements each weighted 1.0
  • 2 yellow ‘Almost’ hexagon judgements weighted 0.5
  • And the remaining two statements as 2 red ‘target’ hexagons weighted 0.

The Calculation
(4 x 1) + (2 x 0.5) + (2 x 0) / 10 = 0.5 = 50% coverage of Band 5

Classroom Monitor Activation

There is a £250 activation fee for current Classroom Monitor customers and school details will be passed to A2E on activation.

This will provide you with access to the assessment statements within Classroom Monitor. It does not provide all the resources and specialist support you receive with an Access to Education Membership.

If you already have the Pupil and School Support SEN Toolkit in your Classroom Monitor account, there will be no charge for adding this new framework. Please raise a support ticket to request activation.