On this page, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions from Classroom Monitor users at the start of a new academic year.

What Is Our Admin Username And Password?

As the admin account changes the Classroom Monitor settings for the whole school there is only one admin login per school. This can be shared between more than one user in your school if you feel this is appropriate. If you do not know the admin login details then you can ask someone who currently has access. If this person has left your school then there are two options:

  • If the email address attached to the the admin account still exists, you can use the 'Trouble logging in?' link on the login page to send a password reset email to that address
  • If you don't know the associated email address, or it no longer exists, then we will need an email from the head (support@classroommonitor.co.uk) to authorise a password reset.

How Do I Reset a User's Password?

Users can reset their own passwords via the 'Trouble logging in?' link on the login page. If they are having difficulty with this, please refer to the user management help page.

Is Our MIS Sync Working?

Most school management systems (e.g. SIMS, Integris etc) can automatically be linked to Classroom Monitor to keep pupils, classes and users up to date; we call this the MIS Sync.

If you have an MIS sync and you want to check that it is working, go to group management and see if any groups have a date in the 'Last Updated by MIS' field:

  • If the date shown is today or yesterday then your MIS sync is working successfully.
  • If the date is less recently than this then there may be an issue with your MIS sync
  • If there are no dates, this means that your MIS sync is not currently working.

If your MIS sync is set up through Wonde or you would like to set one up, please contact them hello@wonde.com. If you have not yet switched to Wonde, please visit The MIS Synchronisation help page for guidance.

Why Have I Got a Mapping Alert When I Login Into Classroom Monitor as Admin?

MIS sync users will see a ‘Mapping alert’ on the Classroom Monitor admin homepage if there are differences between what is in your MIS and what is in Classroom Monitor. When you click OK on this alert, you should automatically be taken to the ‘MIS Mapping’ page. If this doesn’t take you to the page automatically, you can get to the ‘MIS Mapping’ page via the ‘Data Management’ tab. You can follow the instructions on the MIS Mapping help page to map your data.

Why Aren't All Of Our Teachers In Classroom Monitor?

In schools with an active MIS sync, all new teachers who have been assigned classes on the MIS are added via MIS mapping. Teachers who do not have classes assigned in your MIS (e.g. PPA teachers, some SLT) will need to be created manually following the instructions on the User Management help page. Schools without an MIS should also follow the instructions on this help page.

How Do I Set Teachers/SLT Up With The Correct Groups?

Users can only see the groups that are assigned to them in the admin area. You can change who can access a group via Group Management or you can change the groups that a user can view via User Management.

Why Are Some Pupils Missing Or In The Wrong Year Groups?

This could be because the pupils haven't been assigned UPN numbers on your MIS system. Your first step is to check your MIS to see if the pupils have UPN numbers and adding any that are missing. If you have an MIS sync, this will synchronise overnight but if you don't have an MIS sync in place, you will need to import pupil data.

Why Are Previous EYFS Pupil Assessments Missing?

This may be due to the pupils having two UPN numbers asigned to them. The temporary UPN will contain the previous assessment data which was added before moving to their permanent UPN. To resolve this, please contact us.

We've Changed Our MIS Server. Do I Need To Do Anything?

If you have changed your server, you will need to re-instate your MIS link. Visit the MIS Synchronisation page for further information.

How Do I Access Markbook Assessments That Were Made Last Year?

When assessments are made for a pupil, these are saved against their record. Any Classroom Monitor user who has access to a group that pupil is in will be able to see those assessments. In most schools using National Curriculum 2014, at the beginning of the year a teacher will start to assess against the relevant age related objectives which will be white or 'Unassessed'. To access assessments that were made previously, in most instances, you will simply need to load the stage below in the markbook menu screen. Visit the Class Markbook help page for more information.

How Do I Look At Tracking Data For Last Year?

When selecting pupils in the Attainment and Progress area, you have the option to select a different academic year. Then all year groups and classes shown should be ones from the previous year. You can then analyse this data in the same way that you would the current academic year. In certain circumstances, you might not see the pupils that you want to:

  • If pupils are appearing in the data who have left or you do not want to see, you should untick these from the pupil list that is generated when you select the group. If you are generating data for a large number of classes / year groups, you may want to select each class / year group individually as it will be easier to identify the pupils that need to be unticked.
  • If you are seeing a current class / year group rather than for the academic year selected, this could be an issue with when your MIS sync happened at the start of the year. Please contact support to fix this.

Please visit the generating a table help page for more information about this.

My Question Isn't Listed, What Should I Do?

If you cannot find the answer to your issue here, please try the search in the top right hand corner or contact us.

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