Welcome to Classroom Monitor! If you have received an email linking to this page, this means that your child's school is using Classroom Monitor to record assessment information for your child and they would to share some of this information with you.

If you have already set up your account but have forgotten your password, please follow the instructions on the 
forgotten password help page.

Accessing Your Account

Step 1: Click on the link in the first email that you received to verify your account. Please then follow the instructions on screen to get logged in.

Step 2. Change your password as prompted. (First time users only)

Step 3. Entering the correct date of birth for each child and pressing the 'Verify' button. The date is in DD/MM/YY format and you can use the calendar icon to select the correct date if you wish. 
(First time users only)

Viewing The Online Report

A: If you have more than one child in the school you can switch between them using this dropdown menu.

B: If more than one report has been set up for your child you can switch between them here

You will only see the following sections if your child's school has set them up to share at this time:

C: Click here to download a written report
D: Click here to view a graph of historic scores
E: Click here to view your child's targets and achievements

  • Click on the dropdown menu to switch between subjects
  • Switch between different assessment categories using the tabs- these show the statements that your child has been assessed against

 You may see additional buttons if your child's school has chosen to share evidence of your child's learning or learning resources with you.

If you require any further support, please contact your child's school.
For data protection reasons, Classroom Monitor cannot support parents directly.