Is There a Help Page For Parents Using The Online Reports?

Yes. Please direct them to the Parent account help page. Unfortunately, due to data protection we cannot assist parents directly and they will need to come through the school.

How Does a Parent Reset Their Password?

There is a 'Forgot Password?' link on the login page which allows parents to reset their password. The new password will need to include a number and be at least 8 digits long to be accepted. The Parent Forgotten Password page contains full instructions and can be shared with them.

What If a Parent Can't View/Download The Report Once They've Logged In?

Online reporting is optimised for viewing on a laptop or computer, they may have difficulties if using a mobile device.

To download and view the written report, they will need to have a version of Word on their computer. If they don’t have a version of Word, they could either:

  • Use a OneDrive account: Creating a ‘OneDrive’ account is free and many Windows users will already have one. They can upload the report onto their ‘OneDrive’ account, then click on the uploaded file which will open in a Word viewer.
  • Be given access to download it in school
  • Visit their local library, which should have computers with Word installed on them and will give them the facility to print it off

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