I Think My Admin User Name And Password Is Correct, But I Can't Log In. What Can I Do?

Please make sure you are not leaving a space at the end of your username or password, as these will be classed as a character and will cause the log in to fail. If you are still struggling, please contact us for assistance.

I Have Forgotten The Admin Password. What Do I Do?

Please follow the instructions on the Forgotten Password help page. If you still can not log in, we will require written confirmation that you wish to have the administrator's account reset. This will need to be sent from the headteacher's email address.

What Do I Do If a Teacher/SLT User Has Forgotten Their Password?

Teachers/SLTs (referred to 'Users' in the Admin area) can reset their own passwords following the steps on the Forgotten Password help page. If they are having difficulties, passwords can be set by the Classroom Monitor admin user following the instructions on the User Management help page.

A User Has Changed Their Password, But When They Try And Log In Again It Is Saying Incorrect Password, What Do We Do?

Please be aware that passwords need to be at least 8 characters long and must include a number. Reset the teacher/SLT password for them and make sure they enter a new password which is at least 8 characters long and includes a number. This should allow them to log back in.

Why Can't I Send My Teachers The Create New Password Email?

This means that the user's email address is currently not saved against their profile. To add their email address you'll need to edit the users profile in User Management.

Why Does A Particular Teacher Have More Than One User Account?

This is likely to have happened when the MIS Mapping was completed and an existing user was assigned a new account e.g. wg204nx_james and wg204nx_james.1

You should set any duplicated accounts to 'inactive':
1. Login as administrator.
2. Go to Management / User Management.
3. Click on the 'Edit' for the account you want to set to inactive.
4. Make sure you REMOVE any email addresses.
5. Change '5. Select Status' to 'Inactive' and then click 'Save'.

How Do I Remove An Email Address From a User Account?

A single email address can only be used for one Classroom Monitor account so you may have to remove/change an email address from an existing account in order for a user to set up their details in their new account.

1. Log in to your administrator account and go to 'Management', 'User Management'.

2. Check to see if that user has more than one account set up. If they have, one needs to be set as inactive. Edit the account, remove the email address, set status as inactive and press 'Save' to update the record.

3. If you can only see one account for that user, also search inactive user accounts. Click the 'inactive' circle and click 'Search' (See image). If a duplicate user exists, remove the email address and press save.

A Teacher Has Left. How Do I Remove Their User Account So They Can't Login Anymore?

In User Management, you will see their account in the list. Press the Edit button in their row and on that page you can change Status to 'Inactive' and press Save. This will mean that they can no longer access their account.

My Question Isn't Listed Here. What Should I Do?

If you cannot find the answer to your issue here, you could try using the search in the top right hand corner of this page or contact us.

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