On this page, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions from the users of the Classroom Monitor admin login. The admin login gives access to functionality for setting up Classroom Monitor for your school, managing pupil and user information and editing the way that Classroom Monitor works to suit your school's needs. Detailed help is available in the Admin help pages.

How Do I Access The Admin Account?

Every school has one admin account. This can be shared between users in a school as required so if you need access to the admin login you will need to ask the person who set up/looks after Classroom Monitor in your school. The admin login gives access to settings for the whole school not just individual accounts.

How Do We Set Up Classroom Monitor For Our School?

Detailed instructions for how to set up Classroom Monitor in your school can be found here: Setting up Classroom Monitor for your school. This includes getting your pupils, classes and users into Classroom Monitor.

Why Are Some Pupils Missing Or In The Wrong Year Groups?

This could be because the pupils haven't been assigned UPN numbers on your MIS system. Your first step is to check your MIS to see if the pupils have UPN numbers and adding any that are missing. If you have an MIS sync, this will synchronise overnight.

If you don't have an MIS sync in place:

  • If you are only adding a few pupils, follow instructions in Pupil Management.
  • If you are adding more pupils (e.g. one class) you can do a partial import following the instructions on the Pupil Import help page.
  • If you are adding all of your pupils you can do a full import following the instructions on the Pupil Import help page.

NB even if you don't have a MIS sync in place, all pupils in CM will be rolled up to their next class either on or around 26th August, so please DO NOT manually roll your pupils up in the Summer.

Why Aren't All Of Our Teachers In Classroom Monitor?

In schools with an MIS sync, all teachers who have been assigned classes on the MIS will automatically be added when the MIS is mapped to Classroom Monitor (see mapping alert question below). Teachers who do not have classes assigned in your MIS (e.g. PPA teachers, some SLT) will need to have a class assigned or they will need to be created manually following the instructions on the User Management help page. Schools without an MIS should also follow the instructions on the help page. When new users are created, they will be assigned the default password which should be known by your school administrator.

Why Have I Got a Mapping Alert When I Login Into Classroom Monitor As Admin?

MIS sync users will see a ‘Mapping alert’ on the Classroom Monitor admin homepage if there are differences between what is in your MIS and what is in Classroom Monitor. When you click OK on this alert, you should automatically be taken to the ‘MIS Mapping’ page. If this doesn’t take you to the page automatically, you can get to the ‘MIS Mapping’ page via the ‘Data Management’ tab. You can follow the instructions on the MIS Mapping help page to map your data.

We've Changed Our MIS Server. Do I Need To Do Anything?

If you have changed your server, you will need to re-instate your MIS link. Visit the MIS Synchronisation page for further information.

What Do We Do If a Teacher/SLT User Has Forgotten Their Password?

Teachers/SLTs (referred to 'Users' in the Admin area) can reset their own passwords following the steps on the Forgotten Password help page. If they are having difficulties, passwords can be reset to the default by the Classroom Monitor admin user in user management. Admin passwords can be reset using the same process, if the email on the admin account needs to be changed, we require either the head or deputy to request this change.

What Do We Do If a Parent Has Forgotten Their Password?

Parents can reset their own passwords following the steps on the Parent Forgotten Password help page.

Why Can't I Reset a Particular User's Password?

If the option to reset a particular user's password is greyed out, this means that it is still set to the default password and will need to be changed from this when they login.

How Do I Make Sure That Teachers/SLT Can See The Correct Groups?

If you have an MIS sync setup, this will happen automatically and teachers will be assigned the groups that they are assigned in your MIS. The links between users and groups can be viewed and edited in Group Management or User Management. Changes that you make to these in Group or User Management will not be overwritten by the sync.

How Do I Delete a User? How Do I Delete a Group? How Do I Delete a Pupil?

In Classroom Monitor, generally things are made inactive rather than deleted. This means that they can be reactivated at a later date should that be necessary. Please visit the relevant help pages for guidance: User ManagementGroup ManagementPupil Management.

How Do I Change a Username?

Usernames cannot be changed although any of the user's details can be changed in User Management. You can create a new user account with a new username for a user if you wish and then inactivate their previous account. NB if you create a new user name but want to keep the same email address, you will need to make sure that you remove the email address from the user you are going to make inactive. This is because one email address cannot be assigned to more than one account, even if the second account is set to inactive.

How Do I Upload The School Logo?

The school logo can be uploaded into Classroom Monitor for use in assessment summaries, written reports and online reports. It can be uploaded in the admin account in the Report Templates area or in the Generate Reports area in a user account. Once a logo is uploaded it will be available for use in all of the relevant areas mentioned above.

My Question Isn't Listed, What Should I Do?

For general help in using the Admin area please see our Admin help pages. You could also use the search in the top right hand corner. If you are still struggling to find the answer to your issue, please contact us.

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