How Do I Make Sure That Assessments And Evidence On The App Transfer To The Web Version?

As long as you have a good internet connection, this will happen automatically.

To check whether all of your assessment and evidence has been synced, you can check the 'pending uploads'.

1. Click the 3 lines in the top left hand corner of any page of the app.

2. Select 'Pending Uploads' from the menu.

3. View any pending uploads as a list

If you have pending uploads, these have not been saved to Classroom Monitor.
DO NOT LOGOUT or you will lose data. Please follow the instructions in the next question.

How Do I Make My 'Pending Uploads' Sync?

Follow these steps in order until your pending uploads list has cleared.

1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION. Your uploads require internet connection to upload any assessment and evidence to Classroom Monitor.

2. Try swiping down from the top of the page. This should refresh and start the upload off.

3. If this doesn't work, double click the home button (the button on the front of your tablet.) Then swipe the Classroom Monitor open page up off the screen - this is called a 'Force Close'. You can now click onto the app and log back in. This should start the pending uploads off and you should see it says '% uploading'.

4. Check for any updates to the app in the App Store. You can do this WITHOUT logging out. Double click the home button and click on your desktop screen, and force close Classroom Monitor (see above for instructions.) Open the App Store and and click on the 'updates' icon on the bottom tool bar. If you see the Classroom Monitor app in here, click on it to update it. Open the Classroom Monitor app by clicking on it. Check to see if your pending up loads have started to upload.

5. If you have tried all of the steps above and are still experiencing problems please send us the logs following the images below then contact us to explain your issue.

PLEASE NOTE: Only assessments are stored in the logs. Photos, video and audio evidence are saved discretely on your device and will not be contained in the logs and cannot be restored.

Do The Pupil's Scores In The Web Version Use The Assessments Made On The App?

Yes. You no longer need to log into the web version to make this happen, scores will be updated automatically.

How Do I Update The Groups In The App To Include New Groups Added In The Web Version?

1. On any page of the app, click on the menu option (3 lines) in the top left.
2. From the menu, pick ‘Curricular and Groups’.

3. On the next page, select the 'Groups' tab.

4. Click on the 'Sync' option and your current group list will appear.

5. You can then select the groups you need.

Why do I get a server error when I try to open some evidence in the app?

This means that the evidence is no longer available from within the app. You can only view evidence files that were saved in the app and if you have not logged out of the app since it was saved. If this isn't the case, you will need to view and/or edit the evidence via the browser.

How Do I Logout?

Before logging out, ensure all data has been sent from pending uploads (see question above).

When you have no pending uploads, you can log out of the app by clicking on the 3 lines in the top left hand corner and selecting the 'off' button (circled in this image).

Is My Version Of The App The Most Recent?

Having the most up to date version of the app on either Android or Apple devices can help to minimise issues as any known bugs which affect multiple people will be fixed in app updates.

Can I Access Other Classroom Monitor Features Using The App?

The app has been designed as a way for teachers to quickly collect assessment and evidence in the classroom. The other features of Classroom Monitor (e.g. Attainment and Progress and Reporting) are only accessible using an internet browser. It is possible to access the full Classroom Monitor site via a browser on a tablet, but you may find that some features work better if you use a computer or laptop to access them. NB if you load a class markbook on a tablet you will see the mobile markbook.

Can I Download The Classroom Monitor App For My Kindle / Windows Device?

The Classroom Monitor app is only available for Android and Apple devices. However, it is possible to access the Classroom Monitor site via a browser on any tablet where you will see a  mobile markbook. version of the Class Markbook. Please note that no other features are optimised for mobile devices so while you will be able to access them on your tablet, you may find that some features work better if you use a computer or laptop.


My Assessment Data, Added Via The App, Is Not Showing In The Web Version

Check your pending uploads as described in 'How do I make sure that assessments and evidence on the app transfer to the web version'?

  • If you have pending uploads, then follow the steps in 'How do I make my pending uploads sync?' to make them successfully upload.
  • If you have no pending uploads, then send us a log of the data using the steps given above. Then restart the app. If the data still does not refresh and appear on the web version then contact us and inform us that you have sent a log file to us so that we can use that to add the assessment for you. We will also then investigate why this did not work for you.

Scores Are Not Being Updated Based On Assessment In The App

This is how the system has been designed to work. Please see question above: 'Do the pupil's scores in the web version use the assessments made on the app?'

My Pupils Are Not Showing In The App When 'Load Markbook' Is Selected

This could be for one of two reasons:
a) The selected group has no pupils added to it in the web version of Classroom Monitor
b) The pupils in the group do not have a Key Stage added to their user profiles - this is more common in schools with no MIS import or CTF export/import facility i.e. some independent and international schools. You can add their key stage to the pupil following the steps on 
this page or contact us if this affects a lot of pupils and we will able to organise adding these in as a bulk edit.

The Objectives In My Selected Curriculum Are Not Matching With The Web Version

If changes are made to your curriculum online, you will need to log out and log back in to make sure that you have the most recent version on the app. Follow the steps above to logout safely. You can then log back in to re-select your curriculum and groups.

Groups And Curricula Are Loading But Expected Assessments Are Missing/Blank

This means that the app has not properly downloaded the assessment data. Check you have no pending uploads (see above) then logout of the app and log back in to re-select curricula and groups.

I Get A Server Error When I Attempt To Save Groups Or Curricula On Login

This could be due to either:
a) weak internet connectivity when signing in
b) if the internet connection is fine this is likely to be a device issue so you will need to call our support team to discuss this in more detail so that we can help to identify the issue

Hexagons Which Have Been Changed To A Colour Are Changing Back To Unassessed When I Click Save

This is a known issue with users who have an apostrophe (') in their username. Login using the email address that you have registered to your Classroom Monitor account to avoid the issue.

There Is Duplicated Evidence Coming Through To Classroom Monitor From The App

This is an error which occurred for a few people with an old version of the app - please ensure you upload anything from pending uploads, send a data log to Classroom Monitor and then install the most recent version of the app from the app store/Google Play Store.

The Pupil Count In The 'Groups' Section Doesn't Match The Pupils I Can See In The Markbook. Why?

If the amount of pupils in the 'Groups' tab is different from the amount of pupils in the Assessment Markbook, the pupil is likely to have not been set a key stage. The Classroom Monitor Administrator will need to login to the Admin account and check in 'Management' / 'Pupil Management' to see if all of the pupils have been assigned a 'key stage'. If any pupil's are missing a key stage, click on the 'Edit' button on the pupil's row and go to '12. Select Key Stage'. Next, choose the correct key stage for the pupil, then click 'save'.
This pupil will now show in the app for you.

My issue isn't listed here. What should I do?

For general help in using the app see our Classroom Monitor app help pages. You could also try using the search box in the top right hand corner. If you are having difficulties please contact us.