Curriculum customisation is available to all schools on a subscription basis. To customise an existing framework you will need to be logged in as the school admin user. 

When editing Curriculum Details, you have the opportunity to view and edit the Advanced Options if you choose. In most cases you will not need to change these but each field is explained below for your information. If you do make any changes, these will only apply to the selected curriculum and will need to be applied to other curricula as necessary.

Is Target Enabled: Choose 'Yes' to indicate that attainment score targets can be set for this subject and 'No' to indicate that they cannot.

Has Customised Levels: Inactive

Is Fine Grading: Select 'Yes' if you want to use all 6 "sub-levels" in this curriculum, select 'No' if you want to use only 3 "sub-levels".

Is Enabled for School: Select 'Yes' to enable this curriculum, select 'No' to set it as inactive.

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