When any SLT user or the admin user logs into Classroom Monitor, they will see a link to their School Usage statistics (circled in the image below). Clicking on this link will take you to a page which shows usage statistics for the current calendar month.

What Data Is Available?

By default, you will be shown data for the current calendar month. All active users in your school will be listed along with some key information about their usage of Classroom Monitor during the month shown in either the browser or app version of Classroom Monitor.

Can I View Data For Previous Months?

To view a previous month, you can select from the Month and Year dropdowns. The table will automatically update to reflect your new selection.

Can I Export This Data?

Data can be exported to a spreadsheet by pressing the 'Export to Excel button'. This will export data for the selected month only and will need to be done individually if you want data for other months. Once it is in Excel, you will be able to save, print and manipulate it as you would any other Excel spreadsheet.

How Do I Remove Users Who No Longer Work At Our School?

All users displayed are currently active within your system. If you no longer want them to be able to access Classroom Monitor, or appear in the list, the admin user can make them inactive in User Management.

How Do I Change Who Can Access This Data?

Only users who have been designated as SLT or admin users can access this data. Users can be given SLT status, or have it removed, via User Management.

What Is 'Good Usage'?

Although we recommend that users should be recording assessments in a 'little and often' way in Classroom Monitor, it is difficult to define what would be classed as 'good usage' for any school. This will depend upon your in-school approach to assessment and associated practices which will vary from school to school. It is also worth bearing in mind that patterns of usage are likely to vary from month to month depending upon likely activities (e.g. report writing) during that time.

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