You must be logged in as an admin user to export assessment data as a CTF.

What Is a CTF?

Common Transfer Files (CTFs) containing statutory assessment data for submission to your Local Authority can be exported from Classroom Monitor. The CTFs exported from Classroom Monitor are partial CTF files so MUST be imported into your MIS for verification and to complete pupil information. 

What Data Will The Phonics CTF Contain?

Scores for the Phonics Screening Check are recorded in Pupil Tracking in an SLT/teacher account.

Select Curriculum: Phonics and Subject: Phonics Screening Score

Phonics results can be recorded as a score between 0 and 40. Other scores are valid when a pupil has not completed the test: A=Absent, D=Disapplied, Q=Maladminstration, L=Left.

How Do I Export a CTF File?

1. Login as the school admin user.

2. Select Data Management and Export CTF.

3. Select Key Stage Select the type of CTF export you want. NB You can only export one key stage at a time

4. Select Year Group NB You can only export one year group at a time. If you have year 2 pupils repeating the phonics check they will need to be exported separately.

5. Select the pupils that you want to include in the CTF file. Select them all by ticking the box next to 'Name' or select the specific children you require by ticking the boxes next to their names.

6. Click 'Export'.

7. A zip file will be downloaded. This contains the CTF and may also contain a file called 'CTF_Error_List.txt'. This file will list any errors or queries that you may want to address before exporting the file again.

8. When you have resolved any errors, open the location the zipped folder is saved in and right click on the 'CTF Export' zipped folder and 'Extract All'. A new folder will appear in the same location as you saved the zipped folder - this folder contains your CTF file.

9. Follow instructions from your MIS regarding importing CTF files and exporting for submission.

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