Early Excellence Baseline Assessment results can be imported into the EYFS curriculum in Classroom Monitor using a specific import tool in the admin area. The import provides a rough translation of EExBA data into the EYFS curriculum and schools' experiences vary in terms of how useful they find this import. It is important to note that the import only takes into account scores generated for each area and not the specific judgements recorded for individuals. Please read the information below carefully before deciding whether this will be useful to your school. An alternative is to use a translation of your own and add these as a baseline.

Instructions for using the EExBA import tool are given below.

Step 1: Export the .XML file from the Early Excellence system in the first instance.

Step 2: Log in to the Admin area in Classroom Monitor (you may need to ask at school to find out who is your Admin user for the school).

Step 3: Choose the 'Import EExBA' option in the Data Management module of the Admin area.

Step 4: Press the 'Browse' button and find the file on your computer. Press the 'Upload File' button. Then press the 'Next' button.

Then you will see the screen below:

Step 5: Choose the month you wish to display the data in from the Assessment Date dropdown menu. The current month will be selected as default but you may wish to enter this as September or October data, for example.

Step 6: IMPORTANT. You should choose carefully from the two options given:
a) Import Scores Only EExBA scores will be converted to scores in the EYFS in Classroom Monitor but no markbook assessments will be changed.
b) Import Scores and Assessments: EExBA scores will be converted to scores in the EYFS in Classroom Monitor AND markbook assessments will be automatically recorded.

The conversions of scores are made according to guidance from Early Excellence as shown in the table below:

Early Excellence level

Classroom Monitor EYFS score

1 – Well Below

16-26m Sec (9.0 pts)

2 – Below

22-36m Sec (12.0 pts)

3 – Typical

30-50m Sec (15.0 pts)

4 - Above Typical

40-60m Sec (18.0 pts)

Taking an example of a child who has scored a 3 on the Early Excellence Baseline for 'Mathematics - Numbers'.

  • If you choose option a, that child will have a score of '30-50 Sec' recorded for 'Mathematics - Numbers' on that date.
  • If you choose option b, that child will have a score of '30-50 Sec' recorded for 'Mathematics - Numbers' on that date PLUS all of the hexagons within 'Mathematics - Numbers' in the 30-50 month band will be changed to Green (Met).

*Please note: the scores added (and, in the case of Option b, hexagon changes) will override any other assessment already made for the chosen month*

Step 7: Press 'Import' which shows the results for each child included in the import. You should check this list.

Step 8: Press the 'Finish' button at the top right of the screen. If you need to go back a step, simply use the Previous button in the top right.
When you click 'Finish', you will see the screen below and your import is complete. The data will then be available to view in Attainment and Progress and you can edit this if necessary. If you selected the option to import into markbooks, you will also be able to view the assessments in the EYFS markbooks at the relevant stages. Although all hexagons in the relevant markbooks will be green, you can edit these by simply clicking through the other options and saving the markbook.