To make sure that the Attainment and Progress Reports show appropriate data for your school, the admin user should check the settings that are being used.

The options that need to be set are 'Year Group Mapping' and 'Ability to Year Group Mapping'. These are found in the Data Management menu in the admin area.

For both aspects, you should find that the system has already done some of this work for you, however it is very important that you check that these are appropriate for your school prior to running the reports.

Year Group Mapping

Year groups are shown in the School Overview and Year Group Overview Attainment and Progress reports and are used to generate data in the Class Group Overview and Class Report. As different schools have different ways of naming their year groups, the admin user needs to map their year group names to the year groups that will be shown in the reports.

The year groups available in your school's account will be shown in the first column. You will need to check that the equivalent standardised year group is mapped. If this isn't the case, you should select the correct year group from the dropdown menu. If you don't want a year group to appear in the reports, then you can click the orange cross in that row. NB Although reception and nursery may appear in the list, they will not appear in the Attainment and Progress Reports due to the specific nature of the EYFS curriculum.

Some year groups may appear in the list that start with 'Not used'. Please remove these year groups by clicking the orange cross.

You will need to press the green 'Save' button to apply any changes.

Ability to Year Group Mapping

In order to classify attainment and progress into categories in the School Overview,Year Group Overview and Class Group Overview, Classroom Monitor needs to know which subjects and ability levels are appropriate for the majority of pupils in each year group.

In the Ability to Year Group Mapping tool, you will find a section for Maths, Reading and Writing. You should work through each subject in turn as the settings are separate for each subject.

For each year group, in each subject, selections are made to assign:
- The curriculum to be used for that subject in the Attainment and Progress Reports
- The subject to be used
- The ability level that is associated with that year group

You may find that the system has already made some selections for you, in which case you should check them carefully. Make amendments where necessary to ensure that they are appropriate for your needs.

As Foundation Stage is not yet represented in these reports, we recommend that the corresponding year groups (e.g. Reception) are removed from the list to avoid errors.

If you need to add a year group, select it from the 'Year Group' dropdown and press the 'Add' button. The year group will then appear in the list and you can make selections as appropriate.

When you are happy with the selections for each year group within each of the three subjects, you should press the 'Save' button to apply the settings.

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