You must be logged in as a teacher/SLT member to access the Attainment and Progress areas in Classroom Monitor

As well as being able to create groups in 
Group Management, you can also create groups from directly within the Attainment and Progress area. This enables you to create groups based on pupil assessment and attendance data as well as the information that comes from your MIS. These groups can be useful for tracking specific pupils but will also be available in the other modules of Classroom Monitor.

Step 1: Generate a table containing the relevant pupils

Choose pupils. Open the orange 'pupil filters' bar to select pupils based on their characteristics (Pupil Premium, gender etc). NB You don't need to select subjects and timeframe unless you want to use it in Step 2.

Step 2: Optional: Filter pupils based on data stored in Classroom Monitor

If necessary, use the Analysis Filters, for example, to show only attendance between 90 and 100% or pupils attaining below age related expectations.

Step 3: Press 'Create Group' button

Step 4: Name the group

The group name can be anything that you choose but should be unique within your school for the current academic year.

Step 5: View the group in any module in Classroom Monitor

Once a group has been created in this way, it will only only be accessible by the person who created it (you!). To share the group with other users, you can edit its settings in 
Group Management.