To display a pupil progress graph, you will need to have pupil and graph selected in the toggles on the left hand side of the screen. Then you should choose the data that you want to display using the Choose Pupils/Subjects/Timeframe button and pressing 'Generate Graph'. Progress graphs need to have more than one date selected.

The Attainment graph will be selected by default in the green control bar as you can see in the image below. To generate a progress graph, you should click on 'Attainment' to unselect it and then press 'Progress'. You will need to press the 'Generate Graph' button again.

Pupil Progress Graph for Multiple Pupils

A bar graph will be generated with shows the amount of progress each pupil has made between the earliest and latest dates selected. If there is more than one subject selected, each subject will be shown in a different colour. The amount of progress is measured in 'points'; the meaning of these will differ depending on the framework that you are using.

This can be useful as it allows you to quickly see any significant trends in progress, and directly compare the progress of your chosen pupils.

In the legend, you are given the colour bar which corresponds to each subject. Clicking on a subject in the legend allows you to toggle that bar on and off.

Pupil Progress Graph For One Pupil with More Than One Subject

A bar graph will be generated to show an individual's progress in different subjects over the same timeframe. Each subject is shown as a different coloured bar.

This can be useful to share with the pupil themself or their parents in order to review the amount of progress that has been made in different subjects.

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