Classroom Monitor contains a number of features to ensure that parents access only the information they are intended to access by the school:

  • In order to login, a parent must receive the email sent by the school. The email contains a link which, upon clicking, verifies the parent.
  • The welcome email contains a list of the pupils whose information the parent will be accessing, and a legal statement:

Upon first login, a parent is required to change and personalise their password.

Once logged in, they must verify each pupil whose information they are accessing. To do this, the parent must select the correct date of birth for each pupil.

There is a 
help page for parents which can be shared with them to help them access their child's online report.

Tracking parent logins

You can monitor which parents have logged in by accessing Reporting Sessions from the admin login. You should then press the 'Edit' button next to the appropriate online reporting session. Then click the 'Select Section to Edit' button and choose 'Invite Parents'.

This will take you to a screen listing all of the parents included in the reporting session. In the final column you will see the time and date of each parent's last login.

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