Assessments and evidence sync between the Classroom Monitor app and the web-based version. This means that you can view and make assessments in one place and access and edit them in the other.

*Please note: To calculate overall scores using assessment recorded in the app you will need to log on to the web version and 
Adjust Scores in each subject markbook. You may choose to do this once a month, or every half term, depending on how many data points you wish to see in the Attainment and Progress module.*

Loading a Class Markbook

Step 1: Tap on the 'Assessment' tab once you have logged in.

Step 2: Make selections from the markbook menu screen.

  • Work from the top to the bottom.
  • While it is possible to choose more than one subject, ability or strand, only selecting the options that you need at that particular point in time will make the markbooks far more manageable.
  • In some instances, you may find it easier to load markbooks for groups of children rather than the whole class. To find out more about this, please visit the group management help page.
  • You will need to press the "Done" button on each step to save your selections.

Viewing Existing Assessments for a Class

  • The objectives for your selections appear down the left hand side and the pupils that you selected are on the right. Touching the '?' next to an objective, you show you any “what to look for” guidance to help make your assessment judgements.
  • By default, the first objective will be selected and will appear grey. Any assessments and evidence that you see next to the pupil names is for the selected objective.
  • Some pupils may also have icons to show evidence has been recorded for this objective; touch on an icon to see the evidence.To view assessments and evidence for another objective, you can simply touch on it.


To make different markbook selections, touch on the arrow that is pointing left. You will need to do this when you are ready to logout.

Recording Assessment

Step 1. Touch the objective that you want to record assessment for.

Step 2. Touch one or more childs' name that you want to record the same assessment judgement for. Ticks will appear next to them and their names will go grey.

Step 3. Select an assessment judgement in the blue box at the bottom. When you touch on a letter, the pupil(s)' assessment will change

Step 4. Press the 'Save' button.

Step 5. Periodically you will need to 'adjust scores' in a web-based marbook. Although assessment judgements transfer automatically, scores are only re-calculated when new scores are explicitly saved by the user.

Viewing and Recording Assessment for a Single Pupil

1. Click on a pupil's icon will take you to a markbook which just contains their individual assessment and evidence for the markbook selections that you made.

2. To record assessment, click on one or more objective, press the corresponding hexagon and press save.

To view the app help video, please click here.

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