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When recording assessment in the Pupil Markbook, clicking 'Adjust scores' or 'Save Markbook' after making some changes to the assessments on the markbook will display the scoring screen.

The scores under the heading 'Automatic Score' show the assessment which Classroom Monitor has calculated for the pupil based on assessments recorded and saved in the markbook.

Although the 'Automatic Score' is arrived at through careful calculation in all of our supported frameworks, teachers may occasionally feel the need to override this. In these instances, a teacher will simply click the 'Manual score' radio button in that pupil's row and select their preferred score from the dropdown menu. This can also be used if a teacher simply wants to record a baseline score before starting to fill out any markbook colours.

If a pupil has been set to a manual score, their automatic score will continue to be updated and visible in the adjust scores screen. However, the score won't be used until the point where the user decides to switch that pupil back to an automatic score.

The saved assessment scores will appear at the top of the markbook and will also transfer directly to the Attainment and Progress Module.

If you want to record summative assessments without using the markbooks, you can
enter scores directly into the Attainment and Progress area.

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