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You must be logged in as a teacher/SLT member to write reports in Classroom Monitor. 

Reports should only be generated once teachers are happy that all sections are complete, they have been thoroughly checked and they do not need to make any further changes. Sections of a report can be marked complete within the report editor which then gives an overview of progress on the write reports screen.

Reports are generated as Microsoft Word documents which can then be printed, emailed directly to parents or published as part of an 
online report.

As the reports have already been completed, it is possible for a member of admin staff to take care of the report generation if you wish. All they will need is access to a teacher/SLT login.


On the first screen, you will need to select:

Report template: Select the one that has been used for the reports being generated. They can be previewed using the word icons if necessary.

Groups: Select the group that you want to generate reports for. This will appear on the front of the report so it is most likely that you will choose a whole class. In a later step you can select and deselect particular pupils.

Reporting session: Choose the relevant reporting session.

Press the 'Next Step' button.


In this step, you should first tick next to the pupils that you wish to select. The Select All button below the box can be used for quicker selection.

Then you will need to select the subjects/sub-subjects that will appear in the report. All subjects included in the report template selected in step 1 will be shown but if some subjects are not being reported on in this session, they can be unticked.

Press the 'Next Step' button.


In this step you will finalise the report options by ticking and unticking the options shown.

In the 'Choose target' dropdown, you should select the target that is relevant for the selected children. This will only be shown if it is included in the report template.

Your school logo can be added to reports if it is uploaded to Classroom Monitor. To do this, you should click the 'Upload School Logo' link. If it is already uploaded, you can click the 'View Logo' link if you wish to do so. The logo can be deleted by clicking the red cross.

Press the 'Preview Report' button if you want to see what the report template looks like with the options that you have selected.

Press the 'Next Step' button.


When you enter this screen there will be a blank box in the middle. You should press the 'Generate Reports' button on the bottom right.

The reports may take some time to generate if there are a large number of children. Once they are generated, they will all be shown in the box as show in the image on the right.

To download an individual report, you can click on the download icon. To download multiple reports, you can click the 'Download All' button – this will put all your reports into a Zip file.

N.B when you click' Open', your documents will not be saved automatically as they are temporary files. It is recommended that you save them to avoid losing them. Make sure that you make a note of where you save them to – perhaps the Desktop or My Documents.

Once the documents have been downloaded, they are ready to be sent to parents in whichever way that you prefer. Please note, that you can edit the word documents as you wish but any changes will not sync back with Classroom Monitor. If you have changes that you want to save in Classroom Monitor, you should make the changes in Classroom Monitor then generate the report(s) again.

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