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The Pupil Markbook offers a number of tools to speed up assessment so that you can avoid having to click in every assessment box for every child. This help page will take you through each of the tools in turn.

Changing Whole Rows Or Whole Columns

If you want to set a row or column to a particular colour, you will first need to right click in the column.

In the pop-up menu, move your mouse over 'Select' and then across to 'Row/Column' – this will highlight the whole row/column grey. 

Once this is highlighted right click again in the highlighted row/column and move your mouse over Set Selection To and then choose from the options given.

Using the Ctrl Key

The Ctrl key on your keyboard gives you the option to select multiple boxes that are not next to one another on the markbook.

You will need to hold down the Ctrl key and click in the boxes that you want to change to the same colour. This will highlight these grey.

Release the Ctrl key and the menu will appear, choose 'Set Selection to' and choose from the options given.

Drag and Select

Whilst holding the mouse button down drag the cursor across all the boxes that you want to change – let go of the mouse button and the selection will remain grey. Click and hold the left mouse button down just outside the shaded box. A menu will pop up. Go to ‘Set Selection' then select Unassessed, Target, Almost or Met. All boxes previously selected in grey will change to the colour of your choice.

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