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As we saw on the previous page, the Pupil Markbook allows you to view and  record assessment judgements for one pupil at a time for multiple subjects or  for multiple subject strands. Assessment statements are shown in boxes on the  markbook and assessment can be recorded by clicking in the boxes in  the same way that you click on hexagons in the class markbook.

This is a pupil markbook showing multiple subjects. You can see that each subject appears as a column. The child's score for each subject is shown at the top of each column:

This is a pupil markbook showing multiple strands of one subject. You can    see that each strand of the subject appears as a column. The child's score for the subject is shown at the top of the screen:

The Pupil Markbook uses the same simple traffic light system to record attainment against assessment criteria. Each box can be marked with a colour, each of which represent an assessment status.

The colours represent different things in different assessment frameworks how  they are generated remains consistent:

  • Default setting is white which is unassessed
  • 1 click gives a red
  • 2 clicks gives a yellow
  • 3 clicks gives a green
  • 4 clicks gives a blue

The admin user can change what these colours mean in Assessment Terminology, where schools can also  decide whether or not to have the blue colour available. By default, the EYFS  only uses white, yellow and green, however red and blue hexagons can be  requested by contacting support.

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