You must be logged in as a teacher/SLT member to write reports in Classroom Monitor.

When you select Reporting to Parents > Write reports on the homepage, you will be taken to the write reports screen. You will need to make your selections from the menus at the top of the page.

Report Template: These are used to specify what is included in a report and produce a consistent look and feel across the school. Select the template that has been chosen by your school from the dropdown list. You can preview a report template by selecting it then clicking one of the word icons. 

Group Name: This dropdown will show all of the groups that you have access to. You should select the group that you are writing reports for. This is the group name that will show on the report so in this instance you will probably select a whole class group.

Report Session: In this dropdown you will see all of the available academic years that you can write reports for. In addition, your admin user may have set up additional 
written reporting sessions to enable more than one reporting session a year (e.g Autumn 2015 and Summer 2016). You should select the one that you are currently writing reports for.

As you select from the menus, these options are saved and will then be applied to all report activities until you change them.

Once the reporting options have been set, you can 
add statements directly from the markbooks which can then be edited as you choose or you can add and edit statements via the report editor which is accessed through the table at the bottom of the 'Write Reports' page. 

The table shows the pupils in the group that you selected and the subjects in the template that you selected. Each pupil has a box for each subject which is colour coded to show the current status of that section of their report according to the key shown. 

For example for Grace Donnelly: report has been started in Maths and Music, completed in PE and empty in all other subjects. 

To view, write or edit the contents of a section of a pupil's report, you should click on the relevant box to access the Report Editor. From here, you can type directly into a report, use statements from the pre-loaded statement bank or add your own statements to the statement bank.

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