Whenever a markbook is saved, all of the judgements are recorded. Every few minutes, these judgements are used to generate an automatic score for each pupil in that subject. These steps are outlined here with some worked examples below.

Step 1: Calculate Percentage

Every time a markbook is saved, a percentage is calculated. This percentage takes into account both the number and colour of hexagons that have been recorded.

Each colour can carry a different weight and different default weights exist for the 
different frameworks in Classroom Monitor. In general, weightings are as follows: White ≤ Red ≤ Yellow ≤ Green ≤ Blue (if applicable).

Step 2 (optional): Convert Percentage to a Score

Some schools use scoring systems that only use the raw percentage to show attainment and progress.

Other schools use scoring methods that convert the raw percentages into 'scores'. Both the score and the raw percentage can be viewed in Pupil Tracking.

The conversion of the percentage into a score is based on thresholds that have been set by the school or exist in the chosen framework by default. Follow this link for Information on default thresholds for the different frameworks. 

NB An automatic score in an ability level will only be generated for a pupil when they have exceeded the 'low threshold' in that ability level. Schools can choose their own low threshold but by default this is usually 10%. Until this happens, their score will be from a previous stage (where previous assessment exists) or will show N/A (if no previous assessment exists).

Markbook scoring examples

The examples given below illustrate how the percentages are calculated and how they are converted to scores using thresholds.

Example 1: Rising Stars Progression Framework

By default, the weightings for the different hexagons in the RSPF are setup like this:

The default thresholds are setup like this:

To calculate the % of a markbook achieved, first Classroom Monitor calculates the total possible score for the markbook. For example: if a markbook has 10 objectives and the highest assessment weight is 1 (Exceeding) then the total possible score is 10.

Classroom Monitor then calculates the score using the number of assessments multiplied by their assessment weights.

e.g. A pupil with 6 Exceeding assessments and 4 Unassessed Assessments on a markbook with 10 objectives:

  • (6 x a weight of 1) + (4 x a weight of 0) = 60% achieved.
  • 60% = a score of 'Developing' based on the thresholds displayed in the table above.

The weights and thresholds for the Rising Stars Progression framework can be viewed and edited by the school admin user on the Assessment terminology page.

Example 2: A School's Own Framework