MIS Mapping is the process of mapping the data being sent from a school's MIS to the data that is held in Classroom Monitor. It is accessed via your school's admin login through the Data Management menu.

Teacher Mapping

Classroom Monitor receives a list of teachers from your school's MIS system who have been assigned to a class.  If a teacher has not been assigned to a class in your MIS system they will not appear in the list. When you login to the admin account, you may see a 'Mapping Alert' which asks you to match teachers from your MIS system which users in Classroom Monitor. When a new teacher is added to a class in your MIS system, you will need to complete the MIS mapping for them to ensure they are assigned to their correct group in Classroom Monitor.

If you see 'No records found', your school either has not set up the MIS Synchronisation Service OR it is not working. Take a look at our 
MIS Synchronisation help page.

To check your MIS Mapping:

  1. Login via the admin login and navigate to Data Management --> MIS mapping
  2. You will see a list of teachers from your MIS system in the left hand column named 'MIS Teachers'
  3. The second column 'Select a Classroom Monitor Account' shows the users in Classroom Monitor that each MIS teacher is mapped to. If all MIS Teachers are mapped to Classroom Monitor users, you do not need to do anything.
  4. If an MIS teacher is next to a --Select-- in the 'Select a Classroom Monitor Account' column, you need to:
    • Select the existing Classroom Monitor user from the list by clicking on the --Select-- box.
    • If the teacher from your MIS system does not already exist within Classroom Monitor, then you may want to tick 'Create User'
    • Classroom Monitor will automatically allocate the teacher a username in the format [SchoolPostcode]_[Surname]
    • We recommend this format to keep the Classroom Monitor usernames unique across the system. Once a teacher has logged in the first time, they can add their email address as an alternative login. If you do not want to user the [SchoolPostcode]_[Surname] format, you can alter the allocated username.
    • Once this is complete for each MIS Teacher, click 'Import MIS data'.

Subject Mapping

You will only need to use this if Subject Mapping is set up for your school (e.g. secondary schools and large International schools).

Classroom Monitor will receive a list of the subjects associated with each class received from the MIS Synchronisation Tool. Classroom Monitor needs to map the subjects in your school's MIS with the subjects in Classroom Monitor. This process MUST be completed in a secondary school before teachers can use the system. If this process is not completed before teachers login, they will not have access to any subjects.

For example, if your MIS system has a number of different names for PE such as 'Games', 'Physical Ed' and 'PE', Classroom Monitor will need 'Games', 'Physical Ed' and 'PE' to be mapped to the subject 'PE' in Classroom Monitor. Only once this is complete will PE teachers be able to assess their 'PE', 'Games' and 'Physical Ed' classes using the PE subject in Classroom Monitor.

  1. The first column 'School Subjects' contains a list of the subjects which are contained within the files being received through the MIS Synchronisation Service
  2. The second column is a list of all of the subjects in Classroom Monitor
  3. Where a School Subject is not mapped with a Classroom Monitor subject, click 'Edit'

  1. Tick all of the Classroom Monitor subjects to be mapped to the selected school subject. Click 'Map Subject'
  2. Repeat this for all of the subjects in your school that you want to use Classroom Monitor to record assessment and write reports for.
  3. When you have completed this for all subjects, click 'Finish'

If you are unable to map school subjects to Classroom Monitor subjects because you feel some Classroom Monitor subjects are missing, please 
contact us.

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