What is an MIS Sync?

An MIS sync gives Classroom Monitor a connection to your Managemement Information Sysytem (e.g. SIMS, ISAMS, Integris etc). Setting up an MIS sync means that pupils, classes/teaching groups and class-linked teachers will be updated in Classroom Monitor when changes are made in your MIS (within 24 hours). This saves time for admin users in setting up Classroom Monitor, at the beginning of a new academic year and generally as pupils and teachers arrive and leave. 

How Do We Set Up an MIS Sync?

All schools should have been contacted by our MIS integration partner, Wonde, who set up and maintain the connection. If you are a school wanting to set up an MIS sync please visit the MIS Synchronisation help page for more information.

How Do I Know if Our MIS Sync is Working?

Go to group management in the admin account and see if any groups have a date in the 'Last Updated by MIS' field:

  • If the date shown is today or yesterday then your MIS sync is working successfully.
  • If the date is less recently than this then there may be an issue with your MIS sync
  • If there are no dates, this means that your MIS sync is not currently working.

If you think there is a problem with your MIS sync, please contact us to investigate.

Why are Some Pupils Missing or in the Wrong Year Groups?

This could be because the pupils haven't been assigned UPN numbers on your MIS system. Your first step is to check your MIS to see if the pupils have UPN numbers and adding any that are missing. If you have an MIS sync, this will synchronise overnight.

Why Aren't All of our Teachers in Classroom Monitor?

All teachers who have been assigned classes on the MIS will automatically be added when the MIS is mapped to Classroom Monitor (see mapping alert question below). Teachers who do not have classes assigned in your MIS (e.g. PPA teachers, some SLT) will need to have a class assigned or they will need to be created manually following the instructions on the User Management help page.

Why Have I got a Mapping Alert When I login into Classroom Monitor as Admin?

You will see a ‘Mapping alert’ on the Classroom Monitor admin homepage if there are differences between what is in your MIS and what is in Classroom Monitor. When you click OK on this alert, you should automatically be taken to the ‘MIS Mapping’ page. If this doesn’t take you to the page automatically, you can get to the ‘MIS Mapping’ page via the ‘Data Management’ tab.  You can follow the instructions on the MIS Mapping help page to map your data.

We've Changed our MIS Server. Do I Need to do Anything?

Please contact Wonde hello@wonde.com to reinstate your link 

We Don't Have an MIS. How do I Set Up Classroom Monitor and Keep it Updated?

Pupils and groups can be added and maintained using the Pupil import tool.

My question isn't listed, what should I do?

If you cannot find the answer to your issue here please Contact us.

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